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Our Accomplishments


VCCA vice president Benita Petrella appointed to the Commission on Early Childhood Care & Education. VCCA president Clark Andrs was appointed vice-chair of Early Childhood Advisory Committee (ECAC).


VCCA president Clark Andrs was appointed to a DOE work group to re-write Child Care State Licensing Regulations (8VAC20-780)


VCCA vice president Clark Andrs was appointed to the Early Childhood Advisory Committee (ECAC) which will make recommendations to the State Board of Education on policies regarding early childhood education.


In March petitioned Governor Northam to label child care center employees as “essential personnel” which then allowed child care centers to remain open when so many businesses were forced to close.

Conducted meetings with Tara Ragland (head of DSS licensing division) and was able to modify the Virtual Licensing Inspection process allowing directors more time to produce required information.

Sent letters to the First Lady Pam Northam and held meetings with Jenna Conway (the Governor’s Chief School Readiness Officer), David Cary (First Lady’s Chief of Staff), Secretary Atif Qarni (Secretary of Education), and Tara Ragland all in an effort to make sure centers that did not receive CARES 2 funding were funded BEFORE anyone was allowed to receive CARES 3.  All parties agreed!

Kim was able to get the Governor’s office to add “Child Care Centers” to the list held by the Office of Emergency Management which allocates who may and may not receive emergency supplies.  This allowed 3887 child care centers to receive a shipment of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and bleach.  8 cases of supplies at an approx…value of $2000.


VCCA was consulted and asked to provide a position statement on the idea of transitioning child care center licensing from DSS to Dept. of Education.  After much discussion, we supported this transition.  This became effective 7-1-21.

Was able to pass HB 2086 (Patron Del. John McQuire) which created Portability for background checks.  


Begin having meetings with DSS, State Police, and General Assembly members to discuss the idea of creating a system where employee background checks could be made “Portable” and could “follow the employee” to different employment opportunities.


Persuade Dept of Social Services to revise the new licensing application and remove the request of child care center’s personal financial data.

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